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Bagels On The Hill

Bagels on the Hill is a family-owned eatery that was first established in 1991.  All of our bagels are baked fresh every morning, made from fresh ingredients that are rolled, boiled and baked to the perfect bagel our community has loved for over 29 years.  Currently owned and operated by Michael and Betty Ann Culvert, with the help of their daughters Michelle and Amy.  Bagels on the Hill also provides a deli counter and catering with a wide variety of homemade salads, sandwiches, party subs and hot trays to choose from.  If you have something you'd like us to make custom for you, just ask! 




Bagels on the Hill also has a counter-style dining area.  Customers can read the morning newspaper and enjoy a bite to eat right within our shop.  Also, our dining area features historical photos of Landing, NJ that are on display.  We encourage all customers to come in and view the photos that show the rich history of Landing, NJ.

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